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VPN Unlimited vs Windscribe VPN 2022


기능 8.5/10
가격대 8.8/10
사용 용이성 8.6/10
신뢰성 & 고객지원 8.4/10
기능 8.3/10
가격대 8.6/10
사용 용이성 8.4/10
신뢰성 & 고객지원 8.6/10


Author Image 안드레아 쥬가나루
안드레아 쥬가나루

시니어 에디터


VPN Unlimited comes across as a very capable VPN, with its main focus being unblocking multiple streaming sites. I wanted to see if it delivered on this promise, and to test whether its security, privacy, and customer service stacks up against the best VPNs in the industry. While it certainly delivered on some of its assertions, unfortunately, it fell short in some essential areas. It unblocke...

모두 확인
최근 사용자 호평
Great VPN

Great VPN. I am very satisfied. I bought a lifetime subscription for $99. In the last 5 years, I have ... used 4 different VPNs, but I am most satisfied with VPN Unlimited. I really have no objections, except that in the future they introduce RAM servers and allow independent external auditing.더 보기

최근 사용자 혹평
Закрыли доступ для пользователей из России

У меня оплачена подписка. С начала марта сервис не работает для пользователей из России. Поддержка отв... ечает, что из-за каких-то мифических атак на украинские сайты. Но хорошо, закрыли доступ, а деньги вернуть не хотят. Я считаю, что это обычное воровство.더 보기

Author Image 가이 폭스
가이 폭스

익명 사이버보안 전문가


Windscribe는 데스크탑 및 브라우저를 보호하는 고품질의 VPN 서비스입니다. 이 회사는 다양한 온라인 브라우징 활동 시 사용자의 컴퓨터를 보호하는 전체 VPN 클라이언트를 제공하며, Windscribe에 대한 연결이 끊어졌을 경우 사용자의 가정 IP 주소가 노출되지 않도록 하는 방화벽을 보유하고 있습니다. 이 회...

모두 확인
최근 사용자 호평
Used Windscribe for years!

I've used Windscribe for years... like 5ish. I have an unlimited pro forever plan I purchased after h... aving a sub for a few months but after I paid somewhere like 80 or 120 bucks or whatever I have it forever now. I've had some issues with slow speeds but really, overall, it's been an amazing VPN. I've used it for all... legal... purposes of course and in all that time I've never got a letter from my ISP asking me to stop doing anything I was doing which was all legal of course like I said before. I love Windscribe. I have it on a DD-WRT router and on all my computers and phones. I don't use it 100% of the time but I use it quite a lot. Would recommend 100% to anyone and everyone! If they ever sell a lifetime pro account again buy it but I'm sure they won't.더 보기

최근 사용자 혹평
Siran Sawyer
Expensive, not worth your time, and at all times avoid this company

I subscribed to Windscribe VPN's 'free' service, which is a paltry 10mg - and used that tiny amount of...  bytes in about a day and a half. Things were going well with their service, so I purchased the PRO plan at an unknowably non-refundable $69 USD. I thought I had researched the various VPNs better than I obviously had - THREE business days or 10mg of paid service is their time frame/use for refunds. I had read everywhere I researched that they allowed 30 days (like who doesn't give this length of time?) as the refund time. For me, Windscribe just stopped working - NO internet, etc. On what happened to be the THIRD business day, I had used 25.15GB. If you search deeply on Windscribe's website - scroll to the absolute bottom of the main page, under 'COMPANY' is a link for 'Terms' or "Terms of Use - Updated: December 3, 2021 - Bunch of boring stuff you won't read but probably should, at least the cliff notes on the right." On that page, scroll quite a ways down under 'Refunds', and you will see: "You have the right to obtain a full reimbursement, .. given that your request is sent within 3 commercial days from the subscription payment. The right to be refunded is invalid .. if you send the request after having used the Service for more than 3 days and/or if you have used the Service .. exceeding 10 GB." There are MANY other VPNs that will do a much better job for your needs - AVOID WindscribeVPN at all times.더 보기


시작가 $4/월
환불 보장일 30 일
계정 당 이용 가능 기기 수 10 기기
시작가 $5.75/월
환불 보장일 3 일
계정 당 이용 가능 기기 수 무제한 기기


Author Image 안드레아 쥬가나루
안드레아 쥬가나루

시니어 에디터

Final Verdict VPN Unlimited has a lot going for it. Its streaming-optimized servers unblocked almost every platform I tested. It doesn’t keep any logs, and has good security features to keep you safe online. It also works in China, and has very helpful customer support. However, it did fall short when it came to speeds, which is a real shame as it’s no good unblocking streaming platforms if the shows I want to watch are continually disrupted by buffering and lag. It also doesn’t favor torrent activities, so if you want to engage in P2P file sharing, you should look elsewhere. My main issue with this VPN is its hefty price-tag, particularly since it doesn’t offer users any more than other VPNs with subscriptions to suit any wallet, such as these great options. 넷플릭스, 훌루, HBO Max 등 차단 해제 AES 256비트 암호화 Wireguard 및 OpenVPN 프로토콜 중국에서 사용 가능

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