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IP 주소 수 328
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Mullvad VPN 사용자 리뷰
2월 4, 2020
  •  5
Best VPN for monthly usage

Mullvad is the best choice right now when it comes to VPN privacy. They don't take your name or email when you buy their VPN service that's a top notch feature. Total anonymity is the priority when it comes to Mullvad. No long time commitment of long months or even years and that added to the security of the user. Wireguard another vpn protocol is already implemented and its awesome, much secure and better than OpenVPN. Very fast connection and all of its 554 servers are p2p supported!! oh yeah! Try it for $5.50 per month only! and please open your mind and take a look at the awesome features of Mullvad! Research about the features that they offer don't look at the price first, read what they offer. Ease of use and topnotch security and privacy with Mullvad is what they offer. This is the best monthly usage VPN service you can get!!

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    12월 11, 2019
    •  1

    Mullvad has a great lack of security in user accounts, has no security, there is no password to protect the account, there is only the account number. This is very badly done. It is also very easy to hack. My conclusion is that it is not a good option to buy mullvad

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      12월 5, 2019
      •  5
      The best VPN I have ever used, but a few things could still be improved

      Mullvad is the best VPN I have ever used. It's amazing that even being smaller than many of the more common names in the industry, they have developed some of the best technology that's hard to find with other providers, like IPv6 tunneling, obfuscation, and Wireguard. It also looks like they're also adding new servers practically every week. I really only have two complaints: 1. There's no iOS app (but the stock Wireguard app works great, once you go through the trouble of configuring it) 2. It isn't supported in the FlashRouters app like some of the bigger names, which would make it much easier to run on a router. If Mullvad solves those two things, they'll really be in business.

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