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vpnMentor는 아래의 서비스를 제공하는 Kape Technologies PLC 소유입니다: Cyberghost, Zenmate, Private Internet Access 및 Intego로, 자사 웹사이트에서 리뷰될 수 있습니다.

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vpnMentor는 자사 링크를 통한 구매에 대한 커미션을 받을 수도 있지만, 이는 리뷰 콘텐츠 또는 제품/서비스에 영향을 끼치지 않습니다. 자사는 제휴 프로그램의 일부인 제품 구매에 대한 직접적인 링크를 제공합니다.

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vpnMentor에 게시된 모든 리뷰는 자사가 채택한 윤리적인 기준을 포함한 엄격한 리뷰 기준을 따릅니다. 이러한 기준들은 평가자의 독립적이고, 솔직하며 전문적인 조사를 기반으로 하며, 제품의 기술적인 성능, 품질과 함께 사용자를 위한 이의 상업적인 가치를 고려하며, 이는 웹사이트 내 제품 순위에 영향을 줄 수 있습니다.

Mullvad VPN 후기 (2021) - 이렇게나 "저렴"한데, 안전하다고?

아리엘 호크슈타트
아리엘 호크슈타트 | 전 Google 국제 테크 연설가

본 VPN 서비스의 후기가 아직 준비되지 않았습니다. 이 VPN 업체에서의 경험을 공유하길 희망한다면, 사용자 후기를 추가해주세요. 곧 ExpressVPNCyberGhost 등 상위 VPN과 마찬가지로 자세한 전문가 후기를 제공할 예정입니다. 또한 2021최우수 VPN 모음도 준비되어 있습니다.

요금 $6.13/월
환불 보장 30
해당 VPN은 로그를 보관하는가? 아니요
서버 수 770
계정 당 이용 가능 기기 수 5
킬 스위치 있음
국가 기반 Sweden

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환불 보장일 : 30
모바일 앱 :
계정 당 이용 가능 기기 수 : 5
VPN 플랜: www.mullvadvpn.com

Mullvad VPN 사용자 리뷰

8개 언어의 54 개 리뷰 기반
Dishonest & Greedy - 2
Kevin -
7월 9, 2021

When I send a payment to cover a certain number of months, I usually get less than that. They tend to subtract a week or more from these months. This is a rip-off, greedy thieves! Unfortunately, I lost trust in them. Hopefully, they'll change these tactics so that they can regain our trust. Nobody wants to be scammed or ripped off. We trust people who are honest.

Best VPN Out Of Most I've Used - 10
PwT -
6월 16, 2021

Very fast, fastest I've used, simple interface with no silly world maps (I actually know where cities are) - Wireguard really does increase speed unlike some VPN's that have implemented it - Try it for a month & if you don't like it don't pay for more, unlike some VPN's who say money back after paying for a year but you have to jump through hoops & more - The latest Beta gives Ad-Blocking (DNS) & split-tunneling. IMHO wipes the floor with the rest, don't go by affiliate sites with the same top 4 in them, we know who they are & they aren't very good - Great VPN.

Overall very happy with the service - 10
AP -
5월 14, 2021

Longtime Mullvad user. It’s a simple and efficient service. They accept payments in cash. Speeds are 95-100% of my ISP speeds. Technically advanced with port forwarding/routing and multi hops. I like they use WireGuard although my pfsense supports only OpenVPN (the desktop OS client is happy with WireGuard). I like that they were audited, and audit results are publicly available. I also like that they don’t spend money on advertisements but rather put it to future features and improvements (other VPN providers started advertisements even within opensubtitles.org - it makes me wonder: if the company is wasting money on advertisement, how much money is left for the actual service?). Contacted support on a number of occasions and usually received a response within hours, which is fine with me - in 1-2 instances I didn’t quite think My question was answered but maybe I didn’t ask questions as Specifically as I should have. I never needed their service urgently, because everything is well explained on their website. Pfsense set up guide is missing 1-2 steps, but eventually, I figured it out. Maybe they can include a canary notice on their website? Prior to using Mullvad, I used ExpressVPN (excellent but pricey), PIA, and NordVPN (horrified to have learned who owns the latter and how they gather data). Overall, I didn’t find the reason so far not to continue using Mullvad.

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