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본 VPN 서비스의 후기가 아직 준비되지 않았습니다. 이 VPN 업체에서의 경험을 공유하길 희망한다면, 사용자 후기를 추가해주세요. 곧 ExpressVPNNordVPN 등 상위 VPN과 마찬가지로 자세한 전문가 후기를 제공할 예정입니다. 또한 2020최우수 VPN 모음도 준비되어 있습니다.

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Opera VPN 사용자 리뷰
Von Hohenheim, theophrastus
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Opera uses Google servers

I installed Opera a couple of years ago because of its included VPN. I wanted to get away from being tracked everywhere by Google. However, when I discovered that the Opera VPN was using Google servers, that idea went out the window. I stopped using the Opera VPN feature and went with a different VPN provider.

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알고 계셨나요? 저희는 모든 고객님들의 사용 후기를 사이트 내에 게시하고 있습니다. 자사의 사이트에서 기업들은 호평은 올리고, 혹평은 내리는 등의 행위를 할 수 없습니다.

    You can select a different search engine

    Good browser option, neat UI design

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      USED to be good PRIOR to using G servers `nuff said?

      As China bought Opera and thus has full access to traffic it is very little different than Google buying companies/applications to also gain the logistical data.. REMEMBER when AT&T was too big & had to diversify?? WHEN will the Ginormous G have to do the same? G is a MEGA MONOPOLY... they buy the competition.... they are payment facilitators (middle-men that ADD TAX on foreign sales ) that also do NOT pay those it makes the money from.... When Opera was from Norway it was GREAT!

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      Would recommend for a quick, easy to use VPN

      I've found Opera to be a bit more demanding on my computer than other web browsers, but the built in VPN is worth it. It turns on and off with one click, and can be configured to automatically turn off when using certain sites (ex. google) to provide local content.

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        Chandhra Mouleeswaran MK
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        Opera 53.0.2907.99 with built-in VPN.

        With my Dell Vostro, Opera 53's VPN is really stable and reliable.It turns on and off at My will instantly.I checked accessing many websites with their own trackers, locators and found my IP address really concealed.Since I add an additional security of Not informing sites of my location, the Opera VPN runs like a good engine.Even when sites nag for allowing my PC to give out location data, I stubbornly refuse.For navigation purposes, i avoid using the Google and other Maps on my PC.And as an extra security on my Avast AV, I usually wipe clean my every trace with total cleaners to remove every cookies, autofill info, save passwords offers, dictionary suggested autocomplete helps and such.This method of intensive cleaning and using VPN, slows the browser load time when it has hundreds of Speed Dial Links.A slower loading speed is pretty good against revealed VIP.Above all these, I HOPE that I am still hidden!

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