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본 VPN 서비스의 후기가 아직 준비되지 않았습니다. 이 VPN 업체에서의 경험을 공유하길 희망한다면, 사용자 후기를 추가해주세요. 곧 ExpressVPNNordVPN 등 상위 VPN과 마찬가지로 자세한 전문가 후기를 제공할 예정입니다. 또한 2020최우수 VPN 모음도 준비되어 있습니다.

기능 설명
서버 국가 수 36
서버 수 700
IP 주소 수 700
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해당 VPN은 킬 스위치 기능을 제공하는가? 있음
계정 당 이용 가능 기기 수 무제한

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환불 보장일 : 30
모바일 앱 :
계정 당 이용 가능 기기 수 : 무제한
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Perimeter81 사용자 리뷰

1개 언어의 8 개 리뷰 기반
Horrible service - 2
Joanna likr -
11월 11, 2020

They are horrible, you never can reach anyone! There sales team tells you a bunch of lies to get you to purchase! Runaway, they sold me they can help with my network, through the setup they had to go because there was another meeting. They won’t help set up another computer. I have been waiting for support for my 1:30 meeting it’s 1:52 and still I am in a waiting room.

Great Business VPN Solution - 10
AP -
10월 23, 2020

When we started working with Perimeter81 we had to have a call with their team to set it up and that took a bit to figure out, but once we had all of the settings they wanted in place, we were able to work smoothly, using our G suite only and don't need to invite every new user to the VPN. Now we are able to get to our office computers easily and also we are getting security browsing the web, and the representative reassured me it is all HIPAA compliant. I also want to note that the website has a lot of other features we haven't touched yet like "Applications", but all we have tried using so far has been working perfectly. I can see what my users are doing and control their settings from a simple, easy to understand interface. We have tried other solutions in the past but this one seems to be very reliable and does everything we need to do, while others could not.

Stable and ideal for management - 10
John Woo -
9월 15, 2020

Better performance than other VPNs I've tried. They also have an Always On feature that we find very useful from a management perspective. Like that we can also block certain websites using their domain filtering capabilities.

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