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본 VPN 서비스의 후기가 아직 준비되지 않았습니다. 이 VPN 업체에서의 경험을 공유하길 희망한다면, 사용자 후기를 추가해주세요. 곧 ExpressVPNNordVPN 등 상위 VPN과 마찬가지로 자세한 전문가 후기를 제공할 예정입니다. 또한 2020최우수 VPN 모음도 준비되어 있습니다.

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Smart DNS Proxy 사용자 리뷰
2개 언어의 35 개 리뷰 기반
Can not remove - 2

Like a virus this software is a real nightmare to remove, just type in smart DNS removal. If you try and search the web, a page will pop up asking for money. To me that's a virus, i have yet to find something that will remove it. It does not show up in programs, it hides itself. Do not download if you like your PC.

No browser plug-in? Seriously? - 2
Jason Williams

Hassle to set up on a FireTV, but it worked. But on my PC, I don't want to change my entire DNS structure to play a single video. "Unfortunately we don't have this feature yet" - the company started 2014! Had I known this before signing up, I never would have paid for the service, and I certainly won't be renewing.

Works Sometimes - 6

When it works smartdnsproxy is good, but every so often for a few hours at a time it stops working. In particular Netflix is the biggest problem. Not sure what the problem is, I have followed all the online instructions but sometime is just doesn't work! Chat support is patchy. sometimes you get someone helpful other times not. Only a 3/5 from me :-(.

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