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Smart DNS Proxy 사용자 리뷰
Jason Williams
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No browser plug-in? Seriously?

Hassle to set up on a FireTV, but it worked. But on my PC, I don't want to change my entire DNS structure to play a single video. "Unfortunately we don't have this feature yet" - the company started 2014! Had I known this before signing up, I never would have paid for the service, and I certainly won't be renewing.

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    •  3
    Works Sometimes

    When it works smartdnsproxy is good, but every so often for a few hours at a time it stops working. In particular Netflix is the biggest problem. Not sure what the problem is, I have followed all the online instructions but sometime is just doesn't work! Chat support is patchy. sometimes you get someone helpful other times not. Only a 3/5 from me :-(.

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      •  4
      Worth trying

      Not sure why it isn't getting better ratings. I have been using it now for a number of months it has been working well. It is the cheapest I found to include both a Smart DNS and VPN service. In addition, my experience has been once you find the right combination of port number and WIFI transmission mode it is just as Express VPN. In fact in my case a bit faster. Of course, it does not have the easy of the Express VPN Router firmware.

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